About Us

Our defining set of rules to dictate who and what enters our lives.
"Time and Passion Should Never Be Wasted, Share once, Share Everywhere!"

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We are Committed to Teaching People How to Share Their Passion and Build Their Business..


We Value the Freedom to do What We Want to Do and How We Want To Do it Despite the Critics.

Financial Gain

We Strive for a Return on Investment For Our Clients as well as Ourselves

Helping Others

We Empower Our Clients to Share Their Passion Creating Educated Customers to Their Business'

Making a Difference

We Empower Small Business Owners To Dominate Their Local Marketing

Meaningful work

We are Fulfilled by Providing an Affordable Service That we are Excited to Share with Others.


Giving Customers More Than They Expect.


Defined as Creating Customer Advocates and Financial Freedom for All