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Why is a mobile site in Phoenix Arizona so important?

‪▪ Mobile searches have grown four times since 2010.

▪ ‪79 percent of people prefer reading product reviews on mobile sites versus non-mobile while 63 percent prefer mobile sites for purchasing.

▪ ‪38 percent of Americans use iPhones while 51 percent use Android phones.

▪ ‪Among tablet and smartphone users, 88 percent use smartphones for online activities. Tablet users commonly browse and research products while smartphone users typically buy products on the go. However, 62 percent of iPad and 56 percent of Android Tablet users spent an average of $250 on consumer products in 2012. This predicts a rising trend in mobile shopping on tablets in the coming years.


Step #1 to Creating a Phoenix Mobile Site is the SubDomain

It is important from an SEO point of view to create a mobile subdomain using your existing website’s domain rather than using a separate one. The link juice earned on your main site is maintained on your mobile site too.

Check with your hosting provider as some give free subdomains with your hosting package. To create a subdomain one needs to create a CNAME. There are different ways of creating a CNAME record, depending on the DNS provider.

Step #2 Add Content to your subdomain:

Using an FTP software or with the help of your web developer, transfer the contents of your original site to your mobile subdomain.

Remove all the XHTML and JavaScript coding as some mobile browsers may only support standard HTML.

Remove any flash files on the website as iPhone does not support flash

If your using a wordpress site, try using built in features they offer such as WPTouch and Wordpress Mobile Pack.

Maybe your just not that techy?? Try using someone who knows what their doing such as:

You can test your mobile website using the following tools:

‪▪ GoMo Test





TAW Web Accessibility Test



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