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Our Core Values

  • They guide our behaviors, decisions, and actions. They bring about a sense of purpose and self-worth. They remind us what’s important and what we want more of in our lives & businesses.

What We Believe

  • “Good Enough” just isn’t GREAT. We strive for Greatness!
  • Customer Obsessed: ‘If a customer is upset, we failed. Period. We learn, and we fix it.’
  • We succeed as a team, we fail as a team! (Our clients are include in this statement)
  • Loyalty; We stand firm with every single one of our clients & employee’s. We never do anything with our clients’ business that we wouldn’t do at our own!
  • Incorruptible; Integrity is just who we are at our core! Witch is doing what’s right even when no one is looking.

What Defines Us:

  • Speak The Truth, No Matter How Difficult It May Be
  • Know Our Values – And Stick To Them
  • Be Unapologetically US, which means living by our core values.
  • Never Let Fear Stop us From Achieving our Goals
  • Be Brave Enough To Stop And Listen

Our success is due in part to our innovative business model and the tools we use to achieve success in any business we partner with. And yes we say “partner” because we feel that’s what it is. Allowing our clients to tap in and utilize our accumulative 20 years in the business world. We stand out by putting our clients’ needs first while bringing relevant business practice to you. We strive for a  legacy of innovation and thoughtful service creating an extraordinary experience for clients. Our advantages span from one-on-one coaching (boots on the ground) to streamlining customer relationship management, and automating marketing campaigns to optimizing sales funnels and providing valuable analytics. By leveraging our talents here at OnTop Biz, our clients can enhance their efficiency, increase customer engagement, expand on their culture and drive growth.

OnTop Biz blends the expertise of a sophisticated marketing consultant with the wisdom of seasoned business owners. At every step we are able to meet our clients needs whether it’s with specific feedback on a marketing idea (consulting) or a complete transformation of how we approach business strategic growth.

Why OnTop, because we guarantee no one will truly care about you and your business more.  Our PASSION is helping business owners.  And we don’t just say that.  We have been in the trenches (as business owners of over 18 different businesses). We know the heartache & sleepless nights that come from owning a business and having employee’s count on you.  We want to walk alongside you and give you the tools we have learned.

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